The Differences Between Dating West Vs. East European Women

Dating someone from Europe is completely different from dating someone from America. If this is your first time to immerse yourself in dating European Women, then this article is for you. It may be quite daunting at first to pursue them given that you grow up in a different country.

However, dating a woman from Western Europe is dissimilar to Eastern Europe. If you need some dating a Ukrainian woman tips, read on and learn more.


Western European women let you decide what you want instead of them choosing for you. They are open-minded enough to let you have parties with your friends because they know that it’s important for you to mingle with them. Also, they are super relaxed people and will just go with the flow which makes them easier to get along with.

On the other hand, women from Eastern Europe are assertive enough and you will be surprised to know that they are exactly like that when you experience chatting with them. Ukraine girls chat in an authoritative and bossy way sometimes, but they only want you to know that they can take care of the relationship by deciding for the both of you.

Having said that, in the end, it still depends on the woman because generalizing isn’t fair, but most of the women that grew up in this part of Europe have acquired this type of attitude. Just be wary if you would like to take control of your future relationship because dating a gorgeous Ukrainian may mean that you two could experience some degree of clash.

Gender Roles

In Eastern Europe, Ukraine mail order wives are very common because this is usually some of the women’s way out of poverty. Additionally, women from Eastern Europe are pressured to have a family during their 20s, and they also feel the need to rush being successful which results in them getting jealous with their peers that are ahead of them. In the Ukrainian dating culture, it is well known that they are family-oriented, favor having children earlier than their Western counterparts, and set family values as an important aspect in their life.

In contrast, Western European women are all about feminism. They value the feeling of independence and being able to take care of themselves by having a stable career and having the ability to make something for themselves. Most of them choose to marry later in life because they want to be secure in all aspects of life before settling down and having kids.


Western European women are completely fine not wearing makeup. Flaunting their natural features and wearing comfortable clothes instead of the fitted ones are what they prefer. If you fancy women that are simple and someone that favors modest stuff over luxurious ones, then dating a woman from Western Europe is the right choice for you.

Alternatively, Eastern women are very meticulous when it comes to their appearance. For example, when you see Ukrainian ladies photos, you can automatically tell that they take care of themselves well. In Eastern Europe, most of the people judge you by the way you look always, so you should be careful when you present yourself outside unless you do not really care about the opinion of other people.

However, having a Ukraine date may mean that you should follow their principles as well. The positive side of this is you will finally be able to change for yourself for the better if you have been struggling to lose weight or have poor fashion taste.

Money Matters

What are the differences between Eastern European Women and those from Western Europe when it comes to money matters? Who are the ones that are dependent on their dates financially?

If you happen to find a date from Russian Ukraine dating sites, it will be more likely for you to find somebody that is family-oriented which mean she may not having a career or financial sources to support the family. But of course, it is not always the case as Eastern European women just want their men to be supportive. Men are also expected to assert the dominance by being in charge.

On the contrary, Western European women’s need for independence means that they are not comfortable if the guy pays for them all the time. They are not one to shy away from saying that they can pay for themselves if they recognize that you are always paying for them. If you are on a budget, then it will be good for you to know that it is not off-putting to them if you plan to go dutch during your dates.


Dating a European will not be an easy feat especially if it is your first time, especially if you plan on dating women Ukraine because their attitudes are not laidback as compared to Western European women that prefer simplicity. In the end, it is still up to you to choose, but do not forget that if you plan to get serious, it’s best to choose someone who is a package of beauty and behavior.

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